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Suggestions on Replacement of Motorcycle Fog Lamp

Suggestions on Replacement of Motorcycle Fog Lamp

2022-11-16 14:48:49

The fog lamp is in the headlamp of the motorcycle. There are two bulbs in the headlight. Large bulbs are used for lighting. Through the switch, it can be turned into high beam or low beam lighting. That small bulb is used by the foggy angel.


H081A 1.jpg


Then, how to replace the fog lamp for the motorcycle?


  • Before disassembling the fog lamp, find out the structure of the lamp and see if there are any internal fixing screws.


  • Generally speaking, the fixing screws of the car body are usually inside. For the lamp, it can be directly pried off. Before prying, prepare a soft cloth, preferably a towel.


  • The lamp itself can be easily loosened. Then, when you are ready to do it, take a towel and pad it first. Avoid scratching other parts of the car during operation.


  • Directly select the driver to pry off the lamp. But in the process of prying, we need to take a towel and keep it underneath. The whole process must be careful and slow.


  • The best way to avoid damage is to pry it open once, and then take out the lamp. When it is taken out, the rear wiring port can be seen.


  • Generally, screws can be seen at both ends of the wiring port. Take the screwdriver and open it directly. Then the connector of the lamp can be removed. Then the fog lamp can be removed.


  • The following steps are basically to select the parts to be replaced and directly reverse the steps. After the fog lamp is installed, a little glue can be applied for filling, which can be fixed better.
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