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Why Do Motorcycle Turn Signals Have to Be Turned Off Manually?

Why Do Motorcycle Turn Signals Have to Be Turned Off Manually?

2022-12-19 10:09:57

Motorcycle turn signals serve as the main component of the signaling system. It is mainly used to remind others to pay attention to the steering of the vehicle. According to its design requirements and usage rules, it must be opened and closed in advance according to the actual situation.


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Why do motorcycle turn signals have to be turned off manually?


But it's easy to open ahead of time, and a little cumbersome to close. Because many riders forget to turn off the turn signal. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the structure of the motorcycle turn signal is not intelligent enough, and the main reason is that there is no habit of using it.


The structure of the control switch of the motorcycle is relatively simple, and a manual switch is required. Of course, some high-end models have certain intelligent functions. But like a normal motorcycle, it is not equipped for automatic shutdown.


But the main reason why some switches of motorcycles cannot be turned off automatically depends on the cost and installation location. Compared with cars, the overall design of motorcycles will be simpler, especially since the layout of switches will be rougher. Of course, taking into account the use habits of the human body, it will be arranged next to the left and right hands as much as possible.


Under such a premise, it is impractical to require the motorcycle's turn signal to be automatically turned off. This will undoubtedly increase the cost and complicate the structure. Therefore, it is unrealistic for conventional models to automatically turn off the motorcycle turn signal.

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